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Work/Life Balance – Where Do I Start?


By Steve Margalit

If we learned anything when the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores in March 2020, it’s that life can change in an instant. A one-hundred-and-eighty-degree shift in our daily lives, both personally and professionally.  For the most part, front line workers didn’t skip a beat, but for almost everyone else, work became some version of remote and hybrid (the fortunate ones) to furloughs and layoffs for those less fortunate. One of the more helpless feelings was not being able to control which category you fell into. For many, a slingshot economic rebound stabilized a very uncertain circumstance, but for some, cost cutting measures and leaner companywide operations have kept them on the outside looking in.

Regardless of where you fell across this spectrum, one thing is for certain – you now need to put a plan in place long before the next unforeseen shake-up. One way to take control of your own future and create the professional freedom you’ve always wanted (but didn’t quite know where to start) is opening your own business. A second act where you can utilize all the skills you’ve acquired throughout your career and parlay it into your own Executive Search firm with FPC. Most of our current offices are led by folks who never saw themselves as business owners! Over the last 60 years, we’ve trained and built a strong close-knit community of specialized firms covering over 40 different industries and over 40 different disciplines. A business for yourself, but not by yourself. Here are the steps you’ll take on your journey to find the freedom you are seeking…

  •  Transform your profession into your passion.

We’ll teach you how to leverage your industry knowledge, corporate experience, interpersonal skills, business acumen and your contacts into a business you can scale for the long-term. No prior recruiting or human resources experience required.

  • Build your own culture with the support and guidance of our corporate team

As the president of your own enterprise, YOU get to build your environment, culture, and team from the ground up. At the same time, our corporate staff, with over 150 years of experience in executive recruitment, will guide you every step of the way – from New Owner Training through the life of your business.

  • Establish your personal work/life balance.

The executive recruitment industry enables you to enjoy unparalleled flexibility to meet both your personal and professional needs and desires. You’ll never need to ask Human Resources for a day off to attend those special family moments again. Freedom is yours for the taking.

  • Control your professional and financial future.

As you grow your team and build your client base, you’ll find that you have more security and control over your future than ever before. Rather than being at the mercy of the corporate machine, you get to make the important decisions that will impact YOUR future.

  • Unlimited earning potential

There is no cap on your earning potential! YOUR grit, sweat equity and determination on a daily basis will directly impact YOUR bottom line! 

               Are you sick of the corporate grind? Is the web of corporate politics preventing you from accomplishing your long-term goals? Have you ever thought you wanted to be your own boss but didn’t know how to make the leap? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your time is NOW! Let’s set up an introductory call about finding your future with FPC. Reach out to me at

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