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Why an Executive Recruiter? Why FPC?


By Steve Margalit

Regardless of market conditions – low unemployment, high unemployment, or somewhere in between – finding high caliber talent is difficult.  There are a number of factors at play in today’s market, including but not limited to, a shortage of active job seekers.  This lack of candidate flow typically leads to an extended timeline to hire, leaving positions vacant longer, resulting in less than optimal productivity, and ultimately costing your company lots of money.  Think about the additional costs of hiring the wrong person just because they are available?  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost for each bad hire can equal 30 percent of that individual’s annual earnings. Thus, when you hire the wrong mid-level accounting manager or application developer earning $60,000, the real cost to your organization will be $78,000.  How can you and your company bridge that gap? Well, you might say this is a job for a professional!  (Narrator: You’d be right)  An Executive Recruiter’s mission statement is built around successfully identifying and placing top talent with their clients.  Here are a few reasons you should involve an Executive Recruiter in your hiring strategy:

Save Time, Make Money

  • By handing the responsibility of resume search and review to an Executive Recruiter, your leaders and team members can focus on what they do best, producing for the financial growth of your company. A strong professional Executive Recruiter will only provide you with thoroughly qualified candidates who fit the parameters of the open position saving you hours upon hours of sifting through unqualified resumes.

Increased Talent Pool

  • Executive Recruiters establish and cultivate deep relationships with both active and passive candidates. The strength of these relationships gives them the unique ability to introduce opportunities to highly qualified candidates who aren’t out there proactively applying to online job postings.  In many cases, these ‘exclusive’ candidates are willing to explore the right role, or they can make strong introductions to talented individuals in their network who are open to making a move.


  • Talented, well trained, industry/discipline specialized Executive Recruiters bring an invaluable level of knowledge to their clients. They know what’s happening in the employment marketplace and in their clients’ industry in particular.  They also know where the top talent is and what they are doing.  This access, along with a hand-in-hand partnership throughout the whole hiring process will improve the candidate experience yielding a higher job offer acceptance rate.

Why FPC?

  • We’ve been a leader in the recruitment industry since 1959, referring thousands of talented people to companies nationwide. With more than 60 offices, FPC is one of the largest executive search firms in the United States. Each of the recruiters throughout the system is immersed in their industry and functional discipline offering their expertise to their client base.  To learn more about how you can partner with an FPC recruiter, go to, or call us at 212-302-1141.

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