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The Transformation of the Recruiting and Job-Search Industry


Job Vacancies are Increasingly Being Filled Through Proactive Recruitment Techniques

By Jeff Herzog, President, FPC National

This is not your grandfather’s job search.

The days of circling want ads in the Sunday paper and then mailing in a resume disappeared decades ago with the introduction of digital job boards. And while these job boards disrupted the traditional job-search and recruiting model, the basic process had remained the same: Companies published job announcements and then interested candidates submitted their resumes.

But with the growth and popularity of LinkedIn, many companies have been streamlining the process, eliminating the job posting altogether. Increasingly, recruiters and hiring managers are performing searches proactively on their own. With a powerful search engine, LinkedIn provides recruiters with instant access to thousands of qualified professionals in practically every industry and on every level.

So, what does this mean for companies and candidates? Both groups can leverage this new normal and position themselves for success. Here’s how:

Tips for Candidates

To increase your chances of being found by recruiters, make sure that you are visible where they are looking. This means developing a strong presence on LinkedIn. Many recruiters spend a good portion of their days mining candidates on this platform.

And simply being on LinkedIn is not enough. You need to have a powerful profile to impress a recruiter or prospective employer. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Build a complete profile: You need to include more than just a listing of your employers and job titles. When writing your profile, make sure to give enough information for recruiters to understand who you are and why you are a viable candidate for the type of position you seek. Write a detailed “About” summary and include results-focused achievements in each of your work experiences.
  • Focus on keywords: The way recruiters find candidates is by entering specific keywords into LinkedIn’s search engine. If your profile does not contain these keywords, then you are out of the running before the search even begins. Research the keywords for your industry and be sure they are included throughout the profile where appropriate. Put the most important keywords in your LinkedIn headline.
  • Look at all areas of your profile: Many job seekers overlook important areas of their profiles. All profile sections are visible to recruiters – not just your experience and education. This includes your “Skills and endorsements” section, the content you post or engage with, recommendations, and the number of connections you have. Each of these sections can influence how a recruiter views your candidacy.

Tips for Companies

  • Be specific: Before conducting a search, make a detailed description of the ideal candidate you are seeking. Make a checklist of the experience, training, technology, and scope of responsibility you want to see in your next employee. Simply searching for “Vice President of Marketing” will give you far too many candidates. Once you identify your requirements, you can conduct a detailed search using multiple terms to narrow down your list of candidates. You can also use the location tool to narrow the search to a specific region or city.
  • Read the entire profile: LinkedIn’s profile section provides many details outside of job experiences and education. Has the candidate received endorsements and recommendations? What professional groups have they joined? Do they post content that demonstrates their expertise? Have they included media or samples of their work on their profiles? Reading through all sections will provide a clearer picture of the candidate.
  • Partner with your recruiter: Recruiters have the experience and expertise to navigate LinkedIn’s platform to identify ideal candidates who meet your specific requirements. Most recruiters have also built massive LinkedIn networks of professionals within their areas of specialty, giving them quick and easy access to a ready-made list of qualified candidates. In addition, by working with a recruiter, you and your company can remain anonymous until the interviewing phase of the candidate search.

With more than 60 years of experience, 65+ offices nationally, and a roster of hundreds of highly qualified recruiters spanning all career specializations, FPC is recognized as a top-ranked recruiting firm with a long track record of success. Whether you are a company seeking a perfect fit for a critical role or a job hunter seeking a new opportunity, contact FPC to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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