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Logic Based Decisions In Our Careers

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The Greek concept for mind flows from the word ‘dianoia’ which means to separate this from that or to rightly divide. In a profoundly acute work done on the way which we have set a generation up for failure Jonathan Haidt states in “The Coddling of the American Mind” that we have promulgated three great untruths that have crippled a generation through distorted thinking. Here we will focus on the untruth of emotional reasoning.

Emotional Reasoning says, in essence, “Whatever I feel must be right.”  This untruth has led us down a path of the importance of catering to people’s feelings in the workplace and that whatever I feel must be right.

In my own career, progress was marked more by the lessons of each chapter of life and leadership. Learning to separate issues from feelings, fact from fiction, and get to the root cause of issues helped me make better decisions in my business, in career, and life.

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