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Your job search is a bare knuckle fight



Welcome to the FPC Recruiters’ Guide to winning your Bare Knuckle Job Search. What do we mean by ‘bare knuckle job search’?

Take a minute and picture an old-time, “bare knuckle” fight and describe what comes to mind.

To us, among other things, it means a tough, hard-nosed, bloody battle that has virtually no rules. I could go farther and liken it to a mixed martial arts cage fight to the death. That’s a little too scary, but I want to get your attention on the fact that you’re going to get some very different advice about your job search here. Oh, and if the bare knuckle metaphor seems a bit macho, think Laila Ali. The job search tactics we’ll be discussing are gender neutral. They work for men and women, alike. So, we’re all going to take the gloves off.

For anyone who hasn’t noticed, it’s not easy to carve out a satisfying, upwardly mobile career path today. Beyond high unemployment figures, there have been permanent shifts in the world of work. Certain kinds of jobs in certain industries are just plain gone and never coming back. On the other hand, certain sectors – surprisingly U.S. manufacturing – are pretty vibrant and there’s a hunger for top talent….

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