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Job Seekers: Here’s Why You Didn’t Get Hired


Focus on the Why

by Jeff Herzog

Reading through the job description, you couldn’t help but notice that you were a perfect fit for the opportunity. In fact, the requirements of the position matched your qualifications so closely, you felt like you were reading a personal invitation.

And because your resume fit the description so closely, you were granted an interview. When speaking with the interviewer, you went through each requirement, point by point, showing how you were the ideal candidate. And the hiring manager couldn’t agree more: Your qualifications were perfectly aligned with their needs.

And yet, they offered the job to someone else.


To appreciate the answer to this confounding and frustrating question, you must first understand that being a “perfect fit” for a position requires more than just being qualified.

Motivation Counts

All things being equal, employers will opt for a candidate who feels a genuine connection to the company over someone who looks at the opportunity as merely a job. Executives know that building an engaged workforce is the secret to high productivity, teamwork, and long-term retention.

According to a Deloitte survey, 83% of executives believe that there is a close connection between motivated employees and a company’s success. And it’s not just hiring managers who believe this; in the same survey, 84% of employees hold the same view. The takeaway is that employers want more than someone who merely can do the job; they want to fill their workforces with people who want to do the job.

Are you passionate about the role that’s available? Do you believe in the company’s mission? Are you excited about the possibility of joining the organization to help make the world a better place? Make sure you let the recruiter and hiring manager know that you feel a strong connection to the company. This sentiment will go a long way in showing that you are a great fit for this position.

Culture Counts

In addition to seeking employees who are talented, motivated, and engaged, companies want to hire people who blend in with their culture. This is not to suggest that employers frown upon diversity of thought, personal background, or professional experience. Rather, they want to build a workforce with people who complement the “personality” of the company.

Preparation for a job interview must include research into the values, goals, and culture of the target company. Does the organization prioritize teamwork and have open office environments – or do people work independently in silos? Does the company operate under a highly structured set of guidelines – or is flexibility and creativity of higher importance?

Do you and the company share core values? If so, show the hiring manager you are “one of them.” Being a cultural fit is every bit as important – and sometimes more important – than being the most qualified.

People Count

When it comes to recruiting, interviewing, and hiring, never forget that it’s all about the people. This is our mantra at FPC. As human-centered recruiters, we believe that job-seekers are people first, and applicants second. If you share this point of view, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and want to contribute to the betterment of people’s lives, we’d love to speak with you about opportunities with FPC.  Are you a perfect match as a: job seeker, client, potential recruiter or an FPC franchise owner?

Remember: Experience + Motivation + Cultural Fit = A Perfect Match!

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