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Failing Fast Leads to Success


The key to success: failing fast.

If one looks at people who have ascended in their careers, failure is a key to their success. Multi-millionaires learned more from being fired than from making a $100M acquisition. It is failing, and then having to look at yourself in the mirror directly afterward that teaches the most resounding lessons.

It is easy to say, “I’m a loser.”

It is even easier to say, “Man, that guy had it out for me.”

However, someone who has the internal fortitude to lose, examine their actions and grow will become a leader in their industry.

Years ago, I was told by one of my superiors that I would never be an executive. That I did not have what it takes to succeed in his organization. I was crushed. After pouring my soul into the job, delivering results that landed my superiors on the front pages of industry magazines, I was “not what they were looking for.”

After a bit of introspection, I came to the conclusion that my boss was right. I was not what HE was looking for in an executive. He was polished and political. I was results oriented. The key would be finding a place in an organization that valued MY skillset.

Fast-forward a decade. Now I am working in an office with a couple of partners who value results-based decision making. We prop each other up as individuals as well as valued members of a team. Each of us empowers bold decision making.

My partners and I make mistakes. We make them often. The difference is, we are open about our shortcomings. We share our failures with the group so none of us repeat the same point of failure. We learn from them and move on.

Inspire a culture that does not shun failure. Listen, learn and carry on. Praise sharing hard lessons learned and watch your organization grow.

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