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Job Seekers: Leverage the Power of AI to Land Your Next Job

Job Seekers

You’ve seen the reports about how AI is disrupting the job market, and how it will change the way people work in just about every industry; but did you know that you could harness the power of Chat GPT and other AI applications to help you land your next job? Many job seekers are now using AI to save time during the application process and improve their candidacy.

But does using AI require an advanced degree in computer science to tap into this powerful tool? Actually, it’s a lot easier than you may think.

The fact is that you’ve been using AI all along in your job search, and you probably never realized it. Sophisticated spell checkers help to make sure your resume is typo-free and grammatically correct; many job boards use AI technology to match candidates to jobs and screen resumes; and even search engines themselves are increasingly using advanced AI to produce better results.

Ready to unleash the awesome power of AI to rock your job search? Try these three strategies:

Resume Building

ChatGPT and dedicated resume-building apps can do a lot of the heavy lifting needed to present your qualifications professionally and persuasively. Just by entering your job title and industry, you are able to produce detailed descriptions of responsibilities typically associated with your role.

Keep in mind, however, that AI should only be used to get you started in creating a high-impact resume. Using the content generated by ChatGPT verbatim will leave your resume sounding stiff and generic, with no clear differentiating factors. Be sure to inject personal achievements into your resume and review the AI-generated content thoroughly to ensure the information is accurate and complete.

You can also use these tools to help spruce up your LinkedIn profile, cover letters, and follow-up letters. The key is entering specific and detailed prompts to ensure you get optimal results.


AI-powered networking tools help you identify and connect with professionals who can be instrumental in your job search. Again, the secret to success using AI-backed search engines is to enter information that can pinpoint your intentions and locate people who fit specific criteria, such as industry, company, job title, and any other keywords that will help narrow your target.

One of the interesting ways that AI can help your networking is by generating ideas for introductory subject lines, emails, or DMs to networking targets. ChatGPT is particularly good at writing clever copy based on prompts. Take a look at this TikTok video for a great example of this technique.

Interview Prep

Job seekers can utilize ChatGPT to prepare them for commonly asked interview questions. By entering the question and a detailed description of your experience and achievements, you can generate excellent ideas and talking points for your response.

Once ChatGPT understands your background, the description of the job you are pursuing, the target company, and the challenges of the industry, ask it to match your value with tough-to-answer interview questions and discussions. You can even prompt the tool to generate answers in a particular tone, such as authoritative, scholarly, casual, or lighthearted.

You will, of course, need to tweak or rewrite the content produced by AI to be sure it matches your style and voice, but just imagine how much more prepared you will be once AI produces talking points and sample wording for your responses.

Getting Support

AI can save hours of time in preparing your documents and networking with professionals, but to get you to the next step of landing high-value interviews, it’s important to work with a recruiter who understands your industry and specialization. Your recruiter can also help you hone your messaging that AI helped create for your resume and interview responses. With hundreds of recruiters and more than 65 offices throughout the country, FPC National has been helping professionals land their dream jobs since 1959. In addition, FPC National is proud to be recognized as a Forbes Top 10 Executive Search Firm. When you are ready to move forward with your job search, find your ideal recruiter here

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