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Job Search Tips: A New Reality During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Job Seekers

By Steve Margalit, FPC National and Ben Gidwani, FPC Orlando

Searching for a new job can be stressful. Searching for a new job in the presence of Coronavirus, with lots of uncertainties across the board, can get even more unnerving.  Fear and anxiety come into play and can be overwhelming. The CDC recommends that it’s best to first take time and deal with the stress as it will make you and the people you care about stronger.

As for the job search, where do you start?

The Basics

Get yourself organized.  Designate a workspace at home which can be your “job-search” office.  All of your lists and notes should be in one place.  Create a dedicated notebook and an online folder to track research and conversations.  Create a professional email address just for this purpose, use software like Microsoft Outlook or Google contacts, and track your networking resources.  Use Google or Outlook Calendar. Nothing worse than a missed interview due to a scheduling error.


Update your LinkedIn profile.  Make sure you include a list of your relevant skills and quantifiable contributions.  What is your value proposition?  For more ideas, read “why should they hire you?”  Next, update your professional resume. Research best practices for Effective Resume Writing or contact an Executive Recruiter at FPC.  Your resume should be spell-checked and ready to be sent out in  PDF format.  If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by today’s job market, take comfort in the fact that some things haven’t changed. Resumes are still critical and are often the key to get your foot in the door or lead to a telephone interview. Making sure your resume is well written, clear and concise is what will set you apart from your competition.


Start with a list of everyone you already know in the industry or functional discipline you desire to work in that you can network with.  Connect with additional people using LinkedIn, both potential hiring managers and specialized recruiters. You will add to this list as you make new business contacts. A simple positive message like, “I hope you are well, I wanted to connect as I am seeking a new job opportunity. With a lot to offer a company like yours, I would appreciate connecting with you”. Also network with family and friends, they may have contacts that you need to know.

Prepare a 30-second Pitch

Prepare a 30-60 second pitch on your skills and capabilities. Be prepared to deliver your value proposition to any prospective employer. For more tips, read Your Job Search is a Bare Knuckle Fight by Jeff Herzog, (President, FPC National).

Be Well Prepared for your Interview

Much like a Broadway show, there are no re-takes!  You have one chance to make a great first impression.  For some great interview tips, read Interviewing like a Star.

Positive Attitude

Yes, despite current realities, keeping a positive attitude during a job hunt is a key factor in getting a job. A poor attitude will affect all areas of your job search. You’ll search with less enthusiasm, you’ll make less outreach, and you’ll probably find yourself sleeping-in more. Worse yet, when you finally do get an interview, your disheartened attitude will bleed right through to your prospective employer. A good interviewer is keen at picking up on subtleties during an interview. If your attitude is less than enthusiastic, the interviewer will know. Advice from Ron Herzog, CEO, FPC National “If you are discouraged it will show at interviews, remember that everyone you speak with should feel your confidence.”

Be Aware of Today’s Realities

There may be some delays in decision making, the Coronavirus may not only impact medical health, but also the economic health of companies.  You may be asked to do video interviews in place of an onsite interview. Make sure you are prepared to excel in that arena.  For some great tips read, “how to do a video interview”.  Some companies are currently making offers after a video interview if it suits the nature of the role. Be prepared for that possibility. In other cases, this additional step is in place to maintain engagement and momentum in the process.  Of course, you will need to practice ‘Social Distancing’ at any onsite interviews.  Be prepared for some other surprises, and you’ll need to remain positive throughout this whole process.

Help Others

Help others with their career search.  Anyone who reaches out to help others network for their job search is more likely to receive reciprocal assistance.

How can FPC Recruiters help?

FPC recruiters throughout the country are continuing their work during this Coronavirus crisis, working closely with candidates to best position them for success in their job hunt.  They have insight into the hiring needs at various companies and how to best approach a job search during this time. Contact an FPC Recruiter to develop a career strategy that will best capitalize on your strengths and experiences. Even in times of health and economic challenge, jobs are available, and skills are needed. Remain positive, research, network and follow this advice to take steps toward your next great opportunity.  Good Luck!

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