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It’s a New Year, Audit Your Hiring


By Steve Margalit

It’s a new year.  It’s time for a fresh start.  It’s time to right your wrongs, and improve on the past.  It’s a great time to create a vision for your company, set goals, and execute on your plan to achieve greater heights than the previous year.  What worked?  What didn’t work?  What adjustments need to be made?  A majority of successful companies already think like this when it comes to almost every facet of their business with a heavy emphasis on their financials, as they should.  The financial audit is standard protocol on an annual basis, but what about a hiring audit?  After all, it’s the leaders you hire and the team you build that will successfully execute on your vision and ultimately impact your bottom line, so it warrants an equal amount of attention.

As part of your hiring audit, here are some questions you should be asking…

  • Did we have a well thought out plan for hiring (job description, hiring manager and interview team on the same page)?
  • How did we find our candidates?
  • Why did we lose any of our desired candidates for open positions?
  • How long did the hiring process last?
  • Do we have strong relationships with high quality, targeted Executive Recruiters who keep an eye open for top notch talent?

Answers to these questions will help you determine how you have prioritized hiring in the past and what you need to improve upon in the future to ensure you build the right team to lead your business.

Too often, companies learn the hard way when they assume that candidates will appear out of thin air, maintain a high level of interest during a long drawn out process, and accept a less than stellar offer.  Today’s market environment is highly competitive for top talent.  In order to attract and engage with the best and the brightest, it’s critical to formulate a streamlined plan and prepare to be decisive.  Top candidates are being courted by many companies at the same time. How organized and prepared you are during your hiring process can go a long way in their decision making.

Partnering with an Executive Recruiter who specializes in your field can be a tremendous asset in identifying qualified passive candidates for your company’s open positions.  Tapping into the well-developed network of a partner who is advocating your opportunity is an investment that will pay dividends as you build your team.  Working in lock-step with your recruiter to manage the timeline to hire, and assuring your offer package is market competitive will certainly keep you on track to build the team of your choice.

Remember, when you are setting your company’s annual goals, good hiring decisions should be a priority.  Hiring great people and building great teams will make your goals a reality.  If you are looking for help, contact us at FPC National, 212-302-1141, we can help you find a recruiter.


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