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How to Tell the Difference Between a Good Recruiter and a Bad Recruiter

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By Steve Margalit, FPC National

The job market is evolving rapidly. More than ever before, companies across all industries are partnering with recruiting firms to find, qualify, and place high-potential candidates in roles at all levels. Job seekers are also relying on recruiters with greater frequency to help navigate the interviewing process and match them with opportunities that align with their experience and career aspirations.

Because talent acquisition has become an increasingly sophisticated and complex process over the past several years, recruiters are now an indispensable part of hiring and job search efforts. But with so many firms on the market, how can you tell which recruiters are the most helpful and effective?

Whether you are a company looking to hire top talent or a professional seeking your next great position, here are three qualities to look for when selecting a recruiter:

They Value People

Good recruiters understand that behind every resume there is a thinking, feeling human being; and behind every job order there is an executive whose success depends on finding the right person for their job vacancy. A “people-first” philosophy is the most important quality a hiring manager or job seeker should look for when selecting a recruiter.

How can you tell if a recruiter puts people first? Ask these three questions:

  • Do they provide progress updates and respond in a timely manner to inquiries? Or do you wait days or weeks (or longer!) to hear back from them?
  • Do they take the time to learn about your goals and concerns? Or are they more interested in making a rapid placement above all else?
  • Do they treat you professionally and courteously, or condescendingly and impatiently?

Treating clients and job seekers with respect and professionalism is a sign of a healthy company culture. When a recruiting firm values relationships and puts people first, their recruiters act accordingly.

They Have Robust Networks

While independent recruiters can achieve some degree of success, they often have a tough time competing with well-connected firms that have extensive contacts and stronger networks.

When a company is seeking a candidate for a senior-level executive position, firms with interconnected offices nationwide can draw from a much larger pool of talent and find a perfect match more effectively and efficiently than standalone offices. And when job seekers are looking to advance to a new role, they find greater success working with recruiters who have access to opportunities in multiple markets.

They Are Specialists

Specialized recruiters know the ins and outs of their industries. They know how to vet companies, positions, and candidates to separate the wheat from the chaff. They have the know-how to cut to the chase and eliminate much of the runaround involved in talent acquisition and placement. Your time is valuable. Specialist recruiters understand this and are able to present the right candidates and opportunities, so you don’t waste your time on empty pursuits.

Specialization is also helpful when it comes to matching the right candidate with the right job, conducting salary negotiations, and resolving obstacles that stand in the way of ideal placements. Make sure your recruiter is a specialist in your industry and not a generalist who makes placements in any industry.

FPC: The Logical Choice

With more than 60 years of experience, 65 offices nationwide, hundreds of professional recruiters, and specializations in 40+ industries and disciplines, FPC has the experience, expertise, and network to help you reach your goals.

Whether you are seeking a top-tier recruiting firm to augment your workforce and fill critical roles, or you want to partner with an experienced recruiter to help you land your dream job, FPC is the right choice.

Our motto, “It’s all about the people,” is a clear indication of our top priorities and our human-centered approach to recruiting. We value long-term relationships and ensure that our client companies and job candidates all receive the highest levels of attention, respect, and professionalism throughout the job-search and talent-search process.

Find out why FPC is the go-to recruiting firm for countless companies and job seekers. Contact your local FPC office today!

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