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FPC Survey Shows Why Companies Need to Work with Recruiters to Find Top Performers


The pandemic, the Great Resignation, and the recent economic downturn have spurred dramatic changes in today’s job market. Finding the right fit for job seekers and employers has become more vital than ever, as it has a direct impact on job satisfaction, retention, and the bottom line.

To measure job seekers’ sentiment in this unprecedented climate, FPC partnered with a marketing firm to survey more than 6,000 job seekers. While the full results of our research will be released later this summer, we are excited to share a few key insights that we uncovered.

Insight #1: It is more important than ever to work with a recruiter

Most job seekers understand the value of working with recruiters. With their vast experience in navigating complex job markets and their extensive networks, recruiters are able to do much of the heavy lifting and match candidates with companies and roles where they can thrive.

To test this sentiment in the survey, we asked job seekers if they agreed or disagreed with the following statement:

“Recruiters are instrumental in helping job seekers secure new jobs.”

An overwhelming 73% of respondents agreed with this statement, including 27% who agreed strongly. More interesting is the fact that only 6% of respondents disagreed. The evidence is clear: From a job-seeker’s standpoint, working with a recruiter reduces the time it takes to secure a new position, eliminates much of the legwork, and leads to a better match for the job seeker.

Insight #2: …But it has to be the right recruiter

As a whole, recruiters are instrumental in helping people secure new jobs, but it’s important to choose the right recruiter for the individual job seeker. Calling a random executive search firm with no thought of their experience, contacts, and specializations is just rolling the dice and hoping for a good fit. In our survey, we posted the following statement:

“Working with the right recruiter is essential for a successful job search.”

The results were as expected: 76% of participants agreed and only 6% disagreed (18% were neutral). Job seekers must do their research and choose recruiters who have experience in their industries, contacts at their target companies, and an understanding of their local markets.

With more than 60 offices nationwide, hundreds of professional recruiters on staff, and expertise in more than 40 specializations, FPC has been the right choice for thousands of job seekers over the past six decades.

Insight #3: Most job seekers are planning to work with recruiters

Faced with a daunting job search, complex job boards, unprecedented competition, and the hopelessness of sending countless resumes into impersonal databases, most people have made the decision to enlist the help of a recruiter for their next job search.

We asked survey participants if they agreed with the following statement:

“I plan to work with a recruiter to find my next job.”

56% of respondents agree with the above statement (including 23% who strongly agree). Only 9% of respondents have decided not to work with a recruiter on their next job search.

Insight #4: Employers, don’t go it alone

As more and more job seekers recognize the value of working with a recruiter, it has become increasingly important for companies to partner with the right recruiting firm to locate top performers. Employers that decide to locate talent on their own run the risk of missing out on top candidates, since a majority of them have already made the decision to work with a recruiter.

FPC National has a strong presence throughout the United States and more than 60 years of experience in helping companies find perfect candidates for their job openings. Contact your local FPC office and find out how we can help you strengthen your workforce in today’s ultra-competitive job market.

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