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End-of-Year Workforce Planning


3 strategies you can use right now to build a powerful workforce in 2023

When it comes to executive recruiting and workforce planning, the environment is about to become much more heated. As 2022 races toward the finish line, there is a quiet calm that will give way to an explosive hunt for top talent once the new year is upon us.

You can do what most companies do: deprioritize your staffing strategy until the beginning of the year; or you can take a proactive approach and gain an edge on the competition by laying the groundwork to secure the leaders and professionals you need for your company to grow and thrive in 2023.

Here are three steps you can take right now to position your company for success before the new year commences:

Strategic Planning

Companies prosper when their strategic objectives are in alignment with their leadership teams and overall workforce. Before planning for the future, take the time to understand what you have now and where you are lacking.

Begin by conducting an assessment of your current workforce to identify gaps, weaknesses, and objectives. Confer with your HR and other internal business leaders to build a plan and budget for new hires. And make sure to perform a compensation survey so you understand how augmenting your leadership team will impact your company’s payroll and your workforce plan.

The key is to focus on long-term workforce sustainability. Making a few quick, tactical hires may help you achieve your current short-term goals, but the better solution is to boost your leadership team with top talent who align with your company’s culture, mission, and long-term strategic objectives.


Many professionals often have the same mindset as companies when it comes to the best timing for launching their job searches. Many of them wait until January or February to begin looking for opportunities in earnest. This is mostly due to the fact that they’ve heard it’s best to wait until the new year. If you wait until then, however, you will find yourself in the mix with several or dozens of other companies that are seeking these top performers. But a more proactive approach will put you in the driver’s seat and enable you to get the inside track.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to initiate contact with a prized prospect. LinkedIn’s search mechanism will help to identify candidates with the skillsets, experience, and expertise that your company needs. Don’t be deterred by the fact that these professionals may not be advertising that they are seeking new opportunities, as that designation could be detrimental to their job security with their current employers. In most cases, people are open to discussing new roles and they welcome contact from prospective employers.

Partnering with a Recruiter

Finding and attracting a perfect match requires an understanding of your industry, market, and the specialization you are seeking to fill. It is also necessary to be able to tap into a vast network of talent to find the right candidate whose backgrounds align with your objectives.

Recruiting agencies are essential partners in helping companies build, supplement, and sustain their workforces. The right agency will work collaboratively with you to identify your long-term objectives and craft an effective recruiting plan.

Since 1959, FPC has been matching top talent with forward-thinking, growth-oriented companies. With more than 60 offices throughout the nation and specializations in 40 different industries and disciplines, we have the experience, network, and expertise to help your company reach its staffing objectives. Reach out to your local FPC office today to learn how you can get a head start on workforce planning for the coming year.

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