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Achieve Your Goals, Get The Promotion, or Get Out!

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by FPC Riverwood

Promotion Goals

It is that time of year… again. The time where you go to your boss’ office for the annual review.

While most folks dread this time of year, I love it. It is the time where the boss should lay out clear objectives and parlay strategic direction as directives. However, if your supervisors were anything like mine, this was a loose, ambiguous time of subjective talk.  Let’s chat about Promotion Goals!

In the Army, I learned that goals should be clear, attainable and achievable. For my year-end reviews, I always walked into my manager’s office with confidence.

“Yessir, as you can see, I excelled this year. Every quantifiable metric you gave me, I went above and beyond.”

Some managers see this as a way to award their employees for over-driving goals. Some see this as a challenge.

No kidding, I had a year-end review with a Vice-President, my boss, in a parking lot. He was “too busy” to do it any other time. In the ad-hoc meeting, I explained that I excelled through the year and exceeded all my stated goals.

He, in turn, countered that I should find a way to get people to pay more money for our product.

“You need to find a way to get people to pay more money for what we currently give them.”

This was in no way communicated to me throughout the year. In fact, we carried a 50% profit margin with our product. Amazing for any consumer good. Fantastic for automotive sales.

Stick to your guns. Hold your boss to the metrics they set forward.

If you continue to exceed metrics and are not promoted, look for new opportunities. You cannot set a foundation for future success in the gelatin of indecision.

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