Franchise FAQ

Franchising FAQS

Everything you need to know about staying in the know with FPC, whether your a candidate, client, franchisee, or recruiter we have you covered.

What is the profile of a typical FPC Franchise Owner

Many of our owners have worked in the corporate world for several years. They have held mid- and high-level positions and been responsible for major business decisions. When initially contacting FPC, they had found themselves at a career crossroads.

They had established a consistent record of success but grew tired of the bureaucracy of corporate life, frequent travel, or the lack of income growth and leadership potential. New franchise owners have the support and encouragement of their families. They are goal oriented, possess positive attitudes and strong work ethic. They are also excited about joining a supportive and encouraging network of colleagues.

What is the initial set-up?

We consult with you in support of licensing and lease negotiations, and provide advice on selection of insurance policies, office space, telephone systems, office supplies, equipment, and furniture.

How long does it take to open an office?

Approximately 30-120 days. Once your Franchise Agreement is signed, we provide you with our New Owner Checklist, a step-by-step guide to ensuring that your new business opens smoothly. Our staff assists you through the complete process of opening your new office. The goal of this procedure is to have your office ready for business the day you return home from your two-week intensive training program in New York.

What kind of training will you provide?

When you first join the FPC network, you will spend two weeks at the Lake Success, NY headquarters for intensive, structured training, supplemented by a six-week follow-up program. Within your first year of ownership, we will make an on-site visit to your office to review progress and make recommendations. We also provide on-going training, including regional seminars, new search consultant training and FPC University (let’s explain what this is). Training covers:

  • Fundamental Strategies: Management methods, innovative telephone techniques, interviewing skills, strategies for generating job and placement activity with both candidates and companies, day-to-day operations of a recruitment business.
  • Procedures: Step-by-step instruction on managing the placement process, from finding job openings and recruiting candidates to negotiating salaries and delivering offers.
  • Materials: Comprehensive training and operations manuals, client/ candidate database Big Biller, and Industry Directory Software.
How do I find, select and train consultants?

FFC works together with new and established owners to help them build and grow their businesses. Top consultants can be the backbone of a solid office. We assist you with the entire hiring process, including advertising, interviewing, and selecting the right people for your franchise. Once a consultant joins your office, FFC will provide training to your new staff member, furnishing the necessary tools to attain realistic and achievable goals. We encourage your consultants to call our training team at any time for real-time advice and answers to any questions.

What kind of personalized support does FPC provide?

We help you to set attainable goals, work with you to track your activity and provide consultative support to you and your employees to help you close more business. The following programs and activities are designed to help assure your success.

  • New consultant training
  • Internal recruiter hiring and training program
  • FPC University
  • National production awards program
  • Annual National Owners’ Conference
  • Bulletins, seminars, quarterly community newsletter
  • National contracts for value-added services
How do I get started?

Call us today 212.302.1141 to set-up an appointment to visit our offices in New York for an introduction. We will give you an overview of FPC and what to expect as an FPC Franchise Owner. We will walk you through the day-to-day operations of the executive recruiting business, give you an opportunity to meet our team of trainers, and provide you with the information necessary to determine if executive recruiting is for you.