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Dayton, OH

General Manager

General Manager

FPC of Huntsville

FPC of Huntsville


The General Manager will be responsible for overseeing and directing the Dayton site to ensure efficient manufacturing processes, business development growth, and the successful operational strategies. Direct responsibilities include overseeing Engineering, Procurement, Materials Management, Quality, Warehousing/Logistics, and Business Excellence while cross-functional responsibilities include coordination with Human Resources and Finance.

The company is a small to medium sized electronics manufacturer, specializing in end-to-end manufacturing practices within the transportation, industrial, and medical industries.


  • Strategic Planning:
    • Develop and implement the manufacturing strategies that are aligned with the company's overall goals
    • Set long-term objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Budget Management:
    • Monitor and control manufacturing costs and expenses
  • Quality Assurance and Control:
    • Ensure compliance with quality standards, industry regulations, and certifications
    • Implement quality control processes and continuous improvement initiatives
  • Resource Allocation:
    • Allocate resources such as labor, equipment, and materials to meet production targets
    • Manage resource capacity and scalability
  • Inventory Management:
    • Oversee inventory levels and ensure adequate stock of materials and components
    • Implement efficient inventory control practices
  • Process Improvement:
    • Identify opportunities for process optimization and cost reduction
    • Implement Lean manufacturing principles and best practices
  • Regulatory Compliance:
    • Ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and certifications
    • Inform and enforce a safe working environment, in accordance with safety regulations
    • Stay updated on changing regulations and standards
  • Team Leadership:
    • Lead and mentor department managers and staff by fostering a collaborative and high-performing culture
  • Customer Relationship Management:
    • Establish and maintain relationships with all key customers
    • Address customer inquiries, concerns, and provide feedback
    • Negotiate contracts and agreements to secure favorable terms
  • Risk Management:
    • Identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies
  • Supply Chain Management:
    • Optimize the supply chain for timely deliveries
  • Financial Performance Analysis:
    • Analyze financial data and performance metrics to make data-driven decisions
    • Identify areas for cost savings and revenue growth
    • Responsible for full P&L accountability
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement:
    • Stay updated on industry trends, technological advancements, and best practices
    • Encourage professional development among the team
  • Crisis Management:
    • Respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected challenges or crises
  • Reporting and Communication:
    • Provide regular updates and reports to senior management and stakeholders
    • Maintain open communication channels
  • Ethical Leadership:
    • Uphold high ethical standards in all business dealings and decision-making


  • Skills:
    • Demonstrated ability to perform in a rapidly changing, occasionally high-stress environment
    • Ability to successfully negotiate with senior level management, executives, and key clients
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
    • Proven sales development, operational, and financial skills
  • Experience:
    • Recent experience managing a 50+ person electronics manufacturing operation
    • NPI, developing new customer programs successfully, from concept to execution to delivery
    • Total accountability for P & L
    • Improving operational metrics (Quality, On Time Deliver, Reductions in Cycle Time, Costs & Inventory)
    • BS Engineering, MBA Preferred

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