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Gainesville, FL

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager

FPC of Concord

FPC of Concord


Independently implement capital projects of small to moderate size and complexity, assist more senior engineers in the implementation of larger and more complex projects and assist plant operations with engineering issues.         


1.     Lead the implementation of capital projects up to moderate size and complexity through design, construction, and startup.  Participate on teams for larger projects.  Utilize the COMPANY FEL process during the early design and estimation phases to enable best use of resources and properly informed business decisions relative to the project.

2.     Develop skills necessary for capital project management implementation including scope development, PFD and P&ID development, cost estimation, , equipment specification and procurement, procurement of funding, coordination of contractors, cost tracking and control, and coordination of startup.

3.     Develop comprehensive project management skills:

a.      Plan and manage resources to keep projects on schedule.  Act with an appropriate sense of urgency and implement contingencies to adapt to upsets in the plan.

b.     Avoid decisions that would benefit one component at a cost to the program.

c.      Communicate well with all team members and stakeholders.

d.     Manage Risk methodically by identifying potential risks to the schedule, cost, and scope.  Develop mitigation plans to reduce likelihood of the risk or the severity of the consequences.

e.      Manage Scope including any errors and omissions discovered during implementation to ensure the project meets the key deliverables.

4.     Demonstrate technical expertise during the design and engineering of projects:

a.      Identifying key factors that influence the viability of the project, breaking down large problems into smaller, manageable elements and clarifying information needed to solve the problems.

b.     Demonstrate creativity in the development of solutions to engineering problems to improve functionality, reduce cost, reduce implementation time, and reduce risk.

c.      For portions of the design which are outsourced, manage the outside resources to achieve cost effective, competent designs which will achieve the project goals.

5.     Develop an understanding of legal requirements and industry practices relative to the job.

6.     Utilize engineering resources (vendors, equipment manufacturers, and peers) to assist in the timely and cost-effective solution of problems.

7.     Serve as the engineering resource for designated equipment systems in the plant.

8.     Develop an understanding of quality relative to the implementation of projects, e.g. workmanship, low maintenance and long life components, and simplicity in operation.

9.     Safety and Compliance

a.      Understand and adhere to on all plant safety policies and compliance regulations relevant to the position. 

b.     Actively participate in the safety process and encourage the participation of others.

c.      Ensure the appropriate compliance and active participation in the safety program of those contractors in your scope of control.

d.     Work to ensure and improve the safety and regulatory compliance of chemical processes and equipment systems including participation in Management of Change evaluations, Process Hazard Analysis and Process Review Committee evaluations.

10.   Responsible Care

a.      Understand and adhere to the relevant requirements of the Responsible Care Management System (RC-14001) and follow plant procedures relevant to the position.

b.     Understand the RC-14001 Significant Aspects of your job and help ensure controls are in place to reduce or eliminate negative impacts.


11.   QUALITY –

a.      Understand and comply with COMPANY Quality Policy, Standard Operating Procedure(s) (SOPs), relevant ISO 9000 standards and Company Policies that are applicable to this position.




1.     BS in Chemical Engineering or other engineering discipline with sufficient experience. 

a.      At least 5 years related experience in Project Engineering. 

b.     If other than chemical engineering degree, candidate much show training or sufficient experience with organic chemistry, chemical/petroleum unit operations and design of equipment for chemical reactions and distillations.

2.     Demonstrated experience in management of capital projects.

3.     Familiar with reading and understanding P&ID’s, PFD’s, and loop sheets.

4.     High level of proficiency with Microsoft Office.

5.     Strong interpersonal and communication skills.


1.     Experience in process engineering, production engineering, and leadership roles.

2.     Experience with process control, instrumentation, and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

3.     Previous manufacturing experience (intern, co-op, or fulltime). 

4.     Working knowledge of process simulation software (ASPEN, Chem CAD, etc.), AutoCAD and other relevant specialty software.

5.     Experience with silicon and siloxane chemistry.

6.     Experience working in a site that falls under the requirements of OSHA's Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements.

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